I am a Native of County Donegal, brought up in Ballybofey and lived their all my life.

I have worked for community organisations, local authorities, partnership companies and in the retail & manufacturing sector.

I studied in Derry / Cork and participated in many courses ranging from Social Care, Personnel Management, Community Development to Peace Building.

I have helped set up a number of groups to address specific needs of communities, successfully applied for funding for various organisations, completed community profiles and strategic plans for organisations.

I have Volunteered with ISPCC, GAA, Local Soccer / Boxing and often can be found helping to raise money for charities.

In my younger years I was involved in a political party youth wing and senior party, but left over 15 years ago.  I have campaigned for individuals and issues that I feel are worthy of support.


He firmly beleives in

Fairness for everyone  /  equality for all  / Help for those in need  / Vulnerable People Need Protecting  /  Poor Cant Pay Anymore  /  Job Creation is a MUST  /  Community Development is the Way Forward

  • Most of his life has been given to helping others in whatever way he could
  • He believes that People of Donegal deserve better from what the current & successive Government have delivered.
  • People have the power to effect change and should use this power to mobilise to protect the very rights, of the states people.
  • Politicians need to take HEED of the People and Honesty should be the Cornerstone of Political Life

I Welcome your comments or feedback on this site.  See my CONTACT details if you wish to contact me directly.