I have just collected my canvas cards for the coming local elections.  As the title of this suggests the work continues for many of us have been trying to effect any positive change on the area (indeed country) for some time.

For the political parties their message is similar to the rest of us bar the simple difference in that we can offer a real alternative as opposed to the same old party political bs we have now become accustomed to.

Hope this local elections campaign will shake up the system as it needs a massive overhaul and I don’t think there is the political amongst the parties to adopt real meaningful change.  Lets see how we fair.Image

Some of my previous blogs were rants and ravings regarding all that was wrong or in my opinion negative.  I hope this will as my card suggest remain positive and strive for this.  Should the parties decide to open up the debate then I will gladly engage and let people really know what has been happening over the past 5-10 years. 

Enjoy the read and all comments and suggestions welcome.