With all that goes on around a busy persons life, you’d have to wonder why they would take on another task.

You know what they say, if you want something done, ask someone busy.  As I type this I am flat out and have time to announce that I am standing in the Local Election in May of this year.

Press releases went out this morning and we’ll see what the reaction is.  So far anyone who is remotely into politics has contacted me to wish me well, but what was scary was the lack of engagement with the indifferent voter / electorate.  There was a whimper of a “you are mad….trying to change that system…you’re mad…” going on in the locality.  Some want to support you, but are afraid to show their colours and be seen to go against a party.  Well newsflash folks, time to grab this moment and walk with me on this journey to “putting the people first” and electing all our hope and desires and seeing them implemented and voted for at each opportunity.

That’s my first bit of wordpress writing for a bit but I will have to be more regular with the election coming up.  Best go and get elected, ohh to be upbeat!!!!!