The Minister for Public Expenditure in his infinitive wisdom has signed a statutory instrument in law that TD’s will have their expenses increase by approx €26,000 per annum.  The figure for Ministers increases is not readily available.

Fundamental objections to this have not arisen as this instrument went unnoticed by the majority of elected representatives and the wider media in general.  The information came in an article in the Irish Independent of Thursday 12 April 2012, yet no official communication came from the Department responsible, nor has any official statement been made to justify this increase.


This seemingly unnecessary increase has not given credible explanation as to why this was necessary.  No proof that indeed this additional increased payment was sought or needed.  No rationale that necessitated this increase therefore in my opinion its inexcusable.  Do TD’s work more now than they did some 20 /30 years ago – DEBATABLE.  Do they need additional money to communicate with their constituents – ask Angus O Sn Sinn Fein TD in Dublin, he could answer this better than I could.  Do they require more financial instruments to propagate incoherent messages which now seem their main objective, maybe!


But surely this payment, strikes at the core of the minister inability to judge the mood of the people, let alone his capability to complete the Role of managing the Public Expenditure portfolio.  We can make allowances for ill judged comments or genuine mistakes, but to sign this into legislation whilst sitting at the cabinet table to encourage austerity is frankly absurd.

What is extremely worrying is that in this time of austerity, when people across our beautiful land are struggling to make ends meat or survive on ever depleting social protection incomes is the insensitivity of such a move.  It surely wouldn’t find favour in many sectors and judging by the distinct lack of information on this shows that the “cute hoar” of politics has not gone away.  Corruption was endemic in politics for years, now it falls under the guise of Government Business, something I find completely contravening what we as society deserve.

Judge for yourself!