Unlike many commentators who warn of what may come in the Budget, I would suggest we don’t fear what’s ahead.  For weeks we have been talking in homes and places across the country about the impending cuts and additional indirect taxes that may be imposed.  The government cleverly leaked some huge hikes in various taxes as a softening the blow come Budget day(s).

I don’t believe everything that has been doing the rounds lately given the government would fall if we were to believe everything that was mentioned.  There is, undoubtedly some difficult decisions to be made.  It is no secret that the usual suspects will be hit e.g. social welfare, car, fuel.  So WHY should we be surprised?  My 39 years on this planet has given me the capacity to realise that no matter what government is in power the people who are most vulnerable will be hit proportionally harder.  What is particular annoying is statements like “…call to patriot duty…” or “…we must all share the pain…”.  Statements like this only ensure that those marginalised feel more hurt when the inevitable is delivered on budget day.

If plain English was used and the truth was to the fore then maybe, just maybe people could discuss the merits of or against a budget.  Sectoral interests can be equalised insofar that we would all know and understand how each sector would be hit.


What makes people fear is the non stop speculation and, over the last number of budgets, the unclear message sent out.  When the tax system was individualised few could understand how their tax would be calculated, why not put it simply.  When the minister decided to implement additional taxes after their speech was delivered in Dail Eireann, and then people were even more mistrustful.


So as budgets go, they will come and go with the usual provado of Td’s flapping papers in the air to support THEIR finance minister.  There will be the usual USELESS debate afterwards.  There will be the usual broadsheets & tabloids printing what people will loose or gain and the usual ‘giver outters’ of which I will most likely be one of them.


Fear of the Budget is not a reasonable offering.  It should be FEAR OF THE POLIICIAN, who doesn’t listen, support and understand their electorate.  As I type this I know that I will be hit with some stealth tax or something that will underpin why I remain in the position I’m in.  The budget part 1, is due within the next hour or so, yet my emotions are focused on what hardship or sector will be hit worst.  As I type this I really feel for those who fear a budget.  As I type I know the REAL budget of each household will be overshadowed.  As I type I grow even more angry at why the political people we elect continue to treat its people with a legal form of contempt with no possible recourse open to us.


For each we should not be fearful of Budgets.  Budgets, are something, that are a way of life on an everyday basis for most families in ‘modern’ Ireland.  It’s the scant regard the political classes have for us as citizens to have a input into the budget that is more a concern.