I have just visited this site and realised that my first post will be on the ever testing Downturn.  For many weeks and months we have anxed over how best to solve the problems that people face daily in Ireland.

Unfortunately being unemployed / unwaged our increasingly disturbed tone of our once strong voice, is now falling on deaf ears.  It is understandable that the currert FG/Lab government must make complex decisions given the state of the nation.  However, as with making any progress there must always be some sector that suffers.  Which sector is something that the powers that be e.g. Senior Department Secretaries and Ministerial personnel often shy away from the ones they believe will take the “pain”. 

To simplify this, if the government cut the Dole of someone unemployed, he / she / they will not have the means to fight back by mass movement against the proposed chage or legal recourse as the expense and chances of getting a legal representative to fully-whole heartedly fight the case would be ni imporrsible. 

If, however, the government, cut or taxed the richest 5% of the population by some 15% per annum or cut the wages of the top civil servants including all politicians there would be one of a number of fall outs. 

1.  They wouldnt stand for it and ensure that the government seen sence.

2. Would take court proceeding and ensure that the process held up any changes for years

3. Chances are it wouldnt even be considered or thought of in the higher offices of which we all depend.

4. No politician wants to do the right thing for the poeple as within the political circle it would be political suicide (strong term used in context) 


So what is the answer?  Well when i was working, or when i wasnt, i was always of the opinion that the people experiencing the largest deprivation, social exclusion from participating fully in Irish society, those on the margins and fringes, yes you gussed it, those on welfare or unwaged.

Now to clarify, when i speak about some on welfare or unwaged, i do so under the auspices of people who want to work, who want to contributem but cant for various reasons.  Those who claim and work – thats another issue of concern that comment is reserved for later. Those who defraud (in a greedy manner) should be stopped and cannot be attrributed to the honest people. Yes i said greedy, as some people defraud because they cant get near enough to keep their heads above water with large families, mortgages etc on the current system.

I have never advocated for increases that allowed people to “shop to they drop” but provide enough to live some level of comfort.  When we speak of the State and go back to the time when the State was viewed as the “Third Parent” within the family, oh and this is still the constitutional obligation of the state, then we as a exposed people need protecting.

Is or will there be a plan to address the needs of the people or indeed a strategy to protect the people.  I would hope so, but the evidence of the current government doesnt inspire me to beleive that there is.  I would go so far to suggest that whilst quite a bit of lip service is given to the aspirations of “looking after the vulnerable in society”, there is in effect no plan and a strong possibility that there wont be one either.

Who can we ask to formulate a plan, ourselves?, maybe.  Maybe, as we fought to have a voice, we should express this.  Regardless, we need all within the state of the Republic of Ireland, to encourage the those in power to Protect the People.